Business Shift

Changing the way you work

Business Shift is a structured plan to acquire all the soft and hard skills to change the way you work, to increase the flexibility of your company, to get the right space in the market by delivering value and to become the best business manager for your employees!

  • Free Monthly Workshop
    Interactive workshops where you'll learn how to apply continuous improvement models

  • Free Monthly Webinar
    Practical webinars where you’ll get effective tools to create the appropriate culture to develop a sustainable competitive advantage.

  • 3 Business courses during the year
    Explosive front lessons to master the skills that every manager must have.


  • Direct consultancy line.
    An exclusive direct line where you can resolve all your doubts.


  • Didactic material.

  • Welcome and Personalised loyalty kits.

  • Freedom to stay - freedom to go
    No bounds or extra fees, you're free to leave the plan and come back whenever you want.

  • Other exclusive Services.

What Is the Aim of Business Shift?

It’s time for a change! STOP living in uncertainty that your business won’t succeed and START changing the way you work.

Business Shift is the opportunity for you to make a quantum leap in your business. Nowadays it gets more difficult to retain customers and fulfil their desires. I’m pretty sure that you can feel it…

The current market is very unsteady and it rewards those companies that follow it with new services and products. Innovating is not enough, you’ve got to do it always faster! Your company must be able to change fast and continuously. This is the only way to build a sustainable competitive advantage!


  • Understanding Problems  

  • SCRUM (Backlog) 

  • Value Stream Mapping

  • Empathy Map 

  • Business Model - Canvas 

  • PDSA (Planning)

  • Blue Ocean 

  • CSR  

  • Marketing (create MVP) 

  • Productivity  

  • SCRUM (Process driven)

  • IT systems

The aim of this list is to give you an idea of the topics, they might change in order and name, but the essence will remain the same.


  • Develop internal competences

  • Time management (multitasking) 

  • Deep working techniques 

  • Deep working theory 

  • Deep working types 

  • VRIN what to outsource 

  • Ideas that stick 1 

  • Ideas that stick 2 

  • Collaboration 

  • SCRUM Theory / Techniques 

  • Value Stream Mapping Plan

  • Value Stream Mapping Dev.

  • Value Stream Mapping Impl. 

  • CSR 

  • PDSA 

  • CI culture 

  • How to convince to change 

  • Personal branding 

  • ICT security 

  • Bottom up Management 

  • Creating habits


  • Public Speaking 

  • How to write ideas that stick 

  • What is an organization 

  • Productivity techniques