When I was young, I dreamt about the position of the CEO in a huge corporation. I was imagining myself waking up very early to get ready, wear my white shirt, black trousers and to be the first one who comes to the company. To come early and to leave late, that’s what I was going to do. I thought I can do everything just to reach the last stage of a corporate ladder. My ambitions were big!

So, I started doing everything. I was studying hard, planning every minute of my day, learning languages in the mornings and after lessons, preparing for exams at night, jogging in the evenings and sleeping up to 6 hours a day. I was exhausted but I refused to tell it to anyone. "You can't be weak. Big dreams require a big effort" I was telling myself. 

And this is true, ambitious goals do not become true without work. But what kind of work? Does it mean that you should forget about everything but work? Should you study 15 hours a day to get the highest grades? Should you work till midnight to make your customers happy?

Or maybe you should change your approach from "working hard" to "working smart"?

I've chosen the last option. I believe that there is enough space for both success and happiness. I still learn how to manage it well, how to be better at what I do and not to get crazy with all the tasks on the list. I look for techniques of smart working while doing team projects for university and working at Human Think.

It’s not that I’ve forgotten about my ambitions. This young ambitious lady is still here. It’s just her mindset has changed. Today she believes there is a smart way of doing everything you do. And it’s worth to look for it. 

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