"The best solution is made from a smart blend of simple elements"

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The alphabets of most languages contain about 20-30 letters. Using these few symbols we can communicate, write books, develop ideas. The alphabet is the solid foundation for the complexity of languages.


Businesses are complex. Every enterprise has its own specific needs. Thus, the solutions have to be extremely customised depending on the business and environmental characteristics.

The diversity of those solutions is infinite. Things such a "standard solution", simply, don't exist. Although all those solutions are based on few simple elements and their interactions.






For micro and small organisations and new entrepreneurs that want to start building their competitiveness without risk:

For small and micro organisations that want to develop a sustainable competitive advantage in a structured way:

Business Shift is an exclusive structured plan to learn all the soft and hard skills to change the way you work, to become the best business manager!

For small and medium organisations that want to increase their connections between Italy and Poland:

Our mission is to cooperate with you and to create a set of simple tools to develop a sustainable competitive advantage.

Our solutions are personalized on your specific goals and market requirements.

Our principle is to provide quality to few customers. Our aim is to make you "independent".


Together we will develop some basics tools to start building a competitive advantage.

  • Risk Free

  • Personalised 

  • Highly Convenient

  • Perfect to Start

The developing program is based on 4 meetings to study the basic tools for your business.

All the material will be given.


€ 400



Business Shift is a dedicated service for business owners, managers and future entrepreneurs. It’s two aims:


  • Stimulate the implementation of the continuous improvement through the workshops.


  • Support you to create a dynamic and customer-oriented culture in your company through the webinars and the courses.



We Analyse

The first step of every project is understanding:

Our business 

Our market 

Our aims

Human Think consultancy offers you financial and business analysis.  We give you a clear and detailed idea of your organisation and its environment.

Human-Think co-develops all the actions to launch your company to the success together.

We create small continuous improvement and constant adjustment projects.

Together We Act

Human-Think offers you a practical management course of about 40 h.

The aim of this service is to improve the managerial skills of your team. These new skills will allow you to respond quickly to the market changes, to keep

- and improve - your competitiveness

You Learn


Human Think Consultancy provides you with additional tools to enrich the core service. 

We assess your business project ideas and support you implementing them.

You can rely on us to design the future of your enterprise by creating and updating your business plan with an innovative approach.



As we are based in Italy and Poland, we can support your company to increase and consolidate your bounds in those countries!

We will help you with:

  • Finding and communicating with professionals;

  • Introducing new products;

  • Starting operations;

  • Getting Projects

We can communicate in Italian, Polish, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian and English.


We are here to assist.

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